The DCM Engine (also called the DCM Command Line Wrapper), DCMCmd.exe, requires the following supporting files for its execution:

·         BPA.Common.dll

·         BPA.ConfigCollector.dll

·         BPA.NetworkCollector.dll

·         BPA.UserInterface.DLL

·         DCMIssueProcessor.dll

·         Utility.DLL

·         DCM.MOF


In addition to this, it requires an input configuration file and an output file. If you plan to copy over these files to a machine and execute the DCM engine, be sure to copy all these files. In addition to these files, there is a .bat file (RunDCM.bat) provided. This bat file has the complete syntax of the DCM Command Line Wrapper. You can also choose to execute the DCM Engine using the RunDCM.bat file by supplying the input and output configuration file names. For more information on the syntax / usage of the DCM Engine, please refer to the previously posted article.