In DCM v 2.0, the functionality of the XMLToDCMTransfer DTS package has been altered. In the current version (v 2.0), the DTS package requires the following three files to be present in the DCM UI folder for successful execution:

  • DCM.xsd
  • DCMXMLValidator.exe
  • <machinename>_Mapping.xml (at least one mapping file is required)

The DCM.xsd and DCMXMLValidator.exe are deployed when the DCM Author component is selected at the time of installation. The mapping file is created when you save a DCM CI using the DCM Authoring Tool.

If you do not have the DCM UI folder and any of these three files in the DCM UI folder (because you did not select DCM Author component during installation), then you should create the DCM UI folder manually and copy the required files to the folder before attempting to execute the XMLToDCMTransfer DTS package.

Feel free to post any appropriate questions.


Sai Kodi