logman is your tool for this. Here is how you can query for all the sessions and also how to see values from a particular session.

c:\> logman -ets

Data Collector Set                      Type                          Status
AITEventLog                             Trace                         Running
Audio                                   Trace                         Running
DiagLog                                 Trace                         Running
EventLog-Application                    Trace                         Running
EventLog-System                         Trace                         Running
NtfsLog                                 Trace                         Running
SQMLogger                               Trace                         Running
UBPM                                    Trace                         Running
WdiContextLog                           Trace                         Running
MpWppTracing                            Trace                         Running
FSysAgentTrace                          Trace                         Running
MSMQ                                    Trace                         Running
MSDTC_TRACE_SESSION                     Trace                         Running
test_trace                              Trace                         Running

The command completed successfully.

c:\> logman test_trace -ets

Name:                 test_trace
Status:               Running
Root Path:            C:\
Segment:              Off
Schedules:            On
Segment Max Size:     500 MB

Name:                 test_trace\test_trace
Type:                 Trace
Output Location:      C:\09_19_44.etl
Append:               Off
Circular:             On
Overwrite:            Off
Buffer Size:          8
Buffers Lost:         0
Buffers Written:      1
Buffer Flush Timer:   0
Clock Type:           Performance
File Mode:            File

Name:                 Microsoft-Windows-Application Server-Applications
Provider Guid:        {C651F5F6-1C0D-492E-8AE1-B4EFD7C9D503}
Level:                5
KeywordsAll:          0x0
KeywordsAny:          0xffffffff
Properties:           0
Filter Type:          0

The command completed successfully.