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  • Blog Post: How to find the MTU on a NIC?

    netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces
  • Blog Post: Linq over Excel

    I was writing a tool and needed to quickly query an excel sheet. I’m not diving into linq but you get general idea of how to query/sort over the datatable and once you have an enumerable object you can pretty easily run a linq query over it. public static DataTable GetData(string filename) { string...
  • Blog Post: Are connections pools shared between ChannelFactories?

    NO!! You can find out about the connection Pool settings here and you can check Kenny’s post on how connection pooling works.
  • Blog Post: How to synchronize multiple threads?

    In certain load tests you want to make sure a bunch of threads reach a particular state before they proceed with the rest of the work. You cannot make sure that all threads execute a point simultaneously since the CPU scheduling would determine this. However you can move these threads to Ready. A ready...
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