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March, 2005

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    JavaLobby's comments on the Microsoft Technology Summit 2005

    Rick Ross from the JavaLobby has some very interesting comments about .NET 2.0, SQL 2005 and VS 2005. They seemed to be pretty impressed with these new technologies. Here are some excerpts (remember that these comments are from one of the leading proponents...
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    Phalanger: PHP on .NET

    First there was IronPython and now, Phalanger . And contrary to conventional wisdom, both seem to run faster [in most cases] on the CLR than their native implementations. I'm already pretty quite impressed with the CLR but when I see stuff like this,...
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    Upcoming ISV Community Days

    Mark your calendars. The next ISV Community Days session focusing on Smart Client development will be on May 19th at Grand Hyatt. I'll post registration information when it becomes available.
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