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  • Blog Post: My new Windows Azure Step-By-Step Course at Udemy

    Link to Course Page Windows Azure for Developers
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2010 Birthday and Azure Goodies

    With Visual Studio 2010 turning 1, Microsoft has announced a birthday gift for MSDN subscribers - they have increased complementary Azure Hours!!! See the list of benefits here: A more detailed blog on How Visual Studio turned one and changes...
  • Blog Post: Step #1:Understanding Cloud Computing (Windows Azure Step-By-Step Tutorial)

    This is the first video of the step-by-step series for Windows Azure/Cloud Computing. Due to constraints on duration of video, I had to upload it on SkyDrive. The contents are available both in wmv and mp4 format for you to download at:
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure – Step-By-Step Tutorial- Post#1-Introduction

    Cloud computing – the most used (misused) term now a days is becoming more and more popular. I must say with Microsoft’s Azure Offerings the competition became tough and there seems to be no end to enhancements that these players will continue offering in this space. Although as a developer you might...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure – Setting up environment for a training

    Firewall Settings: We would need to open the IP range 70.37.*.* and 65.55.*.* for outbound ports 808,818,828,819,829,80,443. Before your computer can access SQL Azure, you may need to create a firewall exception on your computer for TCP port 1433. Why? - The whole idea of cloud computing is to have distributed...
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