The Dark Side of Style

Dissecting CSS and all the crazy rules

About this blog


About this blog

What's the deal with this blog?

I am PM on the IE Layout team and work through CSS every day. This blog is just a way to share some of the CSS ambiguities, questions, tricks and bugs I run into.


What's the deal with the name?

It's a play on the name "Dark side of the moon", an amazing album by the legendary band Pink Floyd. Style of course refers to web design.


What's the deal with you?

Nothing really :). I'm originally from New Delhi, India. I graduated from UPenn in 2005, and now I work at Microsoft on the IE Layout team as a PM. I live in Seattle, and spend most of my time working, reading (mostly fiction), watching tv/movies, trying to play bridge, and missing my two lovely dogs.


Will you read and respond to comments?

Yes absolutely! Keep in mind, I do have a full time job. So leave a note and I'll do my best to get back to you.