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June, 2007

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About Utopia

My name is Salvador Alvarez Patuel and I am an senior application development consultant at Microsoft.  

Here you can find:
- Reflexions about technologies
- Challenges that I have been through my role
- Entries divided by areas like Envisioning, planning, architecture, designing, developing and testing
- Best practices shared among our team based on real life experience (rather than books!)

In this blog you will not find:
- Post with just a couple of links
- Pictures of my trips
- Updates in my private life
- Making you aware of things that you are alreay aware of (i.e. product launches)

If you want to know more about my please check my interview for the ADC team:


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    Planning: Qualities of Services (QoS)

    Defining the qualities of service is a key area of the architectural group, as will drive the selection of technologies and will heavily influence the logical and physical design. One important aspect about them is that they need to be measurable. How...
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