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January, 2008

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About Utopia

My name is Salvador Alvarez Patuel and I am an senior application development consultant at Microsoft.  

Here you can find:
- Reflexions about technologies
- Challenges that I have been through my role
- Entries divided by areas like Envisioning, planning, architecture, designing, developing and testing
- Best practices shared among our team based on real life experience (rather than books!)

In this blog you will not find:
- Post with just a couple of links
- Pictures of my trips
- Updates in my private life
- Making you aware of things that you are alreay aware of (i.e. product launches)

If you want to know more about my please check my interview for the ADC team:


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    Design: The Sync framework

    In first place let me answer the question why do we need a sync framework. The current connected scenario present different challenges for developers, the technologies are there but all of them are different. If you want to synchronize your pictures with...
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    Architecture: Multi-channel with WPF

    As architects, we should see the world with tendencies oriented eyes, being aware of the different signals that the market shows behaving like explorers. Sometimes is a difficult task that demands us going the extra mile – I like to see a good architect...
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