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  • Blog Post: SharePoint AD Failover Review

    A key part of the SharePoint high-availability puzzle is a healthy and highly-available Active Directory; if AD dies then so does your SharePoint farm too, broadly speaking. However more specifically, that opening statement should really say “each and every SharePoint server needs AD failover” for the...
  • Blog Post: Multi-subnet Clustered SQL + RegisterAllProvidersIP + SharePoint 2013

    Those of us that have even the most passing knowledge of SharePoint will know that it needs a SQL Server instance to work at all. If SQL goes down it takes SharePoint with it which is why it’s quite common to have SQL clustered to make sure SQL stays alive at all costs. I’ve covered this before already...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server AlwaysOn - High Availability SharePoint

    What is AlwaysOn and why use it for SharePoint? AlwaysOn is a great new feature to SQL Server 2012 that allows consuming clients to have a mirroring and failover database solution all transparently for a single named instance. SharePoint is one such consumer of SQL and depends on having a solid connectivity...
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