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  • Blog Post: SQL Server Log Shipping – Bandwidth Analysis for Content Database Updates

    A question that often comes up when talking about SharePoint and SQL Server log-shipping is “how much bandwidth will I need to make log-shipping work between my two farms?” It’s certainly a sensible question given these things need to be planned to avoid over-congestion preventing the Disaster-Recovery...
  • Blog Post: Patching SharePoint Farms with No Downtime

    Patching SharePoint farms is a rare occurrence but one that almost certainly will happen at some point or other, if only for the need to stay on a supported platform as time goes on. When patching SharePoint it’s necessary to take the entire farm offline at one point for reasons explained here...
  • Blog Post: Set SharePoint Content Database in Read-Only Mode

    This a quick & easy one; I couldn’t find any MSFT material on how to do this as easily as I thought I might, hence this article. A simple question: how do you set a SharePoint content database to read-only? You may’ve seen the setting “Read-Only” in Central Administration and wondered “how do I make...
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