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  • Blog Post: Virtual Machine Snapshots for SharePoint

    …or perhaps better titled, “why you really shouldn’t consider using snapshots with SharePoint (but fine, if you insist…)”. A common question that comes up for SharePoint is how to snapshot/rollback virtualised SharePoint farms, often inspired by worried admins having to install updates to the farm looking...
  • Blog Post: Error Installing KB2920189 on Generation 2 Hyper-V VMs

    You might get an error installing KB2920189 on any gen2 VMs. If you do, disable secure boot in the virtual machine settings and it should work. That’s it – a quick & dirty post because I barely found any info on this issue. This problem took up far too much of my time so hopefully this workaround...
  • Blog Post: Generation 2 Virtual Machines in Hyper-V

    Somewhat off-topic but this is something I’ve been toying with recently and I’ve found rather impressive so I thought I’d share. Windows 8.1/2012-R2 as we know has been out for a while and with it comes a brand-new Hyper-V which amongst many other things includes the ability to create a new type of VM...
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