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  • Blog Post: SharePoint Health Report Error - The Security Token Service is Not Available

    If you’ve ever spent any time with SharePoint you might’ve seen this error. It appears as a critical error in the Central Administration health status because, depending on your farm config/topology, it can be a service-killing error. This is just a quick post about how to diagnose the root-cause of...
  • Blog Post: Increasing Service Application Redundancy

    A key part of any high-availability strategy for SharePoint web-farms is making sure service-applications have more than one server to service them to increase back-end resiliency to a SharePoint server dropping off the network. This concept isn’t anything new to many SharePoint admins at least but in...
  • Blog Post: Multi-Subnet SharePoint Farms - High Availability SharePoint

    Why is Multi-Subnetting Awesome? Having a SharePoint farm span across multiple subnets can improve the reliability of a SharePoint farm against networking failures. Reasons why a network could fail are mentioned below, but they are just another reason SharePoint can go offline and removing them as...
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