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  • Blog Post: Building Multi-Level CAML Queries from GET Parameters in the URL

    I had an interesting challenge just recently which was to perform multi-level queries on any given list dynamically using GET parameters to build the query. In other words, from a GET request, we should be able to search a list with multiple groups of ANDs & ORs just by changing the URL. You can...
  • Blog Post: Managing Custom Solutions for Disaster Recovery SharePoint Farms

    Having x2 SharePoint farms that need to be synchronised perfectly does raise the question about how to maintain both farms updated with any custom solutions that may need to be applied to the farm/application. This guide is about how to maintain custom solutions across two or more farms and what can...
  • Blog Post: Creating a Clean Visual Studio Solution from a SharePoint 2013 Site Template

    Quite often for SPDevs it can be useful to reverse-engineer a SharePoint site into code if you need to build a site definition for sites that don’t exist yet. Usually this would mean starting a new project & added each project item by hand but in this example we’re going to start a new VS project...
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