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August, 2007

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About SC's Tech Blog

Hello Friends!

I have several spaces on the net to share my knowledge and thoughts.. but each one of those has its special flavor:

- is THE Homepage for everything

- is my Video Blog 

- is my Business / Corporate Blog

- is my Personal Blog

So when i thought of a Technology kind of a Blog... i didn't find a better place for it to be but on 

I'll be publishing some news every now and then, articles & links.. and my best Part will be Flagged "Stay Informed! Know What i Know!" ... where i will be selecting the Cream of News and publish them as soon as i know them...

 Hope you like it,

For more information about me, Check out my Official Website:



  • SC's Tech Blog

    Community Thinking!

    My current role in Microsoft gives me the opportunity to work closely with the Technical Communities all over the region i cover, and frankly one of the reasons i got selected to be in that Role is because i came from the community world as i was previously...
  • SC's Tech Blog

    The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award (Microsoft MVP) & MVPs!

    Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who are awarded for voluntarily sharing their high quality, real world expertise in offline and online technical communities. Microsoft MVPs...
  • SC's Tech Blog

    Adios Linksys! or Not!

    I just heard about this.. and some might be interested in knowing more about the news.. Linksys is a Name that has become very known in my region when it comes to Broadband Routers and Network Switches for home & small businesses.. i remember i...
  • SC's Tech Blog

    New ZUNE Comming this Holiday Season?

    Microsoft comments support reports of new Zunes Well when i first heard of the new Zune & its new features i got soo excited to "Spread the word" but i waited until i see a news source talking about it so i do my Blog about it.. The...
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