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July, 2008

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About SC's Tech Blog

Hello Friends!

I have several spaces on the net to share my knowledge and thoughts.. but each one of those has its special flavor:

- is THE Homepage for everything

- is my Video Blog 

- is my Business / Corporate Blog

- is my Personal Blog

So when i thought of a Technology kind of a Blog... i didn't find a better place for it to be but on 

I'll be publishing some news every now and then, articles & links.. and my best Part will be Flagged "Stay Informed! Know What i Know!" ... where i will be selecting the Cream of News and publish them as soon as i know them...

 Hope you like it,

For more information about me, Check out my Official Website:



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    Live Mesh Tech Preview is Open to Public

    Here, There, EVERYWHERE! If you haven't heard of it Yet.. Then you're missing on a COOL thing that is offered for you part of the MS Offerings; Live Mesh! Mesh is syncronization service from Microsoft. It basically lets you access your computer...
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