Hey there and it’s the day of the Launch!


Now, with Device Stage in Windows 7, when you plug in a device it automatically identifies the device, even your specific device (color and model), and gives you specific calls to action for that particular device. It can act the source for the device documentation – reducing the need for printed paper documents and making the information consistently available in one place.


Device Stage is especially powerful for multifunction devices as people can discover all the possibilities of what they can do with their device.


Device Stage


With your printer, this is one place to manage print, fax, scan, copy without having to install third party software.

With your phone, you can manage ring tones, sync contacts and media, and even get to the user manual.

In addition to Device Stage, we have grouped all devices – everything that attached to the PC – into one location called Devices & Printers.

All in one place – everything that connects to the PC system unit will appear and allow common tasks easily all in one place

All device functions now in one place (e.g. scanning & faxing – fixing the Multi Function Printer/Device issue).