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  • Blog Post: TechEd Middle East 2010 (Remixed By SC)

    When a DJ Works at Microsoft and had a great time in TechEd Middle East … you can imagine what is the outcome :o) Enjoy; SC
  • Blog Post: My Mind on my Money & My Money on my LIVE!

    Do you have a Windows Live Account? Check out the Video Below and see why you should have one! Home.Live.Com (Liked the Audio?? – Download it from Here ) Cheers, SC
  • Blog Post: Scratch IE – Remixed by SC

    Well IE 8 has lots of Features and the most common new Features are the InPrivate Mode, Accelerators and WebSlices; Check out this Remixed Overview i’ve done over the Weekend; it’s just IE Scratched! Cheers, SC
  • Blog Post: BOOM! Shake The Taskbar

    i got lots of positive feedbacks on my First Remix , so i decided to do another one; and there it is :o) Cheers, SC
  • Blog Post: When a DJ Works at Microsoft!

    Hey Guys, i have been a DJ for more than 15 years now, and i’m also a Technology Lover for almost the same time… and have been working for Microsoft for the past few years now… So what happen when a DJ who is passionate about Technology Works in Microsoft and LIKES IT !!! …. This is the result of one...
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