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    Dynamic in C#

    The other day I was playing around with some office code, and I found myself writing a lot of code much like the following sample that Anders used at his PDC talk : static void Main( string [] args) { var xl = new Excel .Application(); (( Excel...
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    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

    The cat's out of the bag! Hours ago at PDC '08 , I got to watch Anders unveiled the new C# 4.0 language features that we've been working on. This unveiling was accompanied by some fantastic demos of our work in action. Even though I've been working on...
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    So-cal CodeCamp 08!

    I got the opportunity to give a talk at the SoCal CodeCamp 08 this past weekend, and its driven me back to blogging. Its been just over 8 months since my last post - these 8 months have been spent with my head down working on Visual Studio 2010 , the...
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