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    Dynamic in C# II: Basics

    Last time , we began to dive into dynamic binding in C# and what happens through the pipeline. This time, we'll take a simple scenario and pick apart the details of what happens under the covers, both during compile time and runtime. We can break down...
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    Dynamic in C# IV: The Phantom Method

    Yes, this does sound like a Star Wars movie, but no, I'm not a Star Wars geek that just likes to pull lines from my favorite movies (though I rather enjoyed Star Wars). This post will deal with what we've coined "the phantom method". It's the...
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    Dynamic in C# III: A slight twist

    Last time we dealt with the basics of dynamic binding . This time, we'll add a small twist. First, lets recall the example we were using last time: static void Main( string [] args) { dynamic d = 10; C c = new C(); // (1) Dynamic receivers. ...
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    Channel 9!

    A few weeks ago, a few of us on the compiler team did a Channel9 interview, discussing some of the new features that we're working on and how they fit into the whole Visual Studio 2010 story. The video is now online ! In it, we talk in quite length about...
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