We will be releasing the CTP version of Sandcastle shortly. There are couple places (download at our download center and also as a part of VS SDK) we are targeting to release our CTP version. Also as soon as the CTP is posted I will provide the information here so that you can download and use Sandcastle. In addition we plan to include Sandcastle in our August CTP release of VS SDK.


Mission Statement:

Enable managed class library developers throughout the world to easily create accurate, informative documentation with a common look and feel


Sandcastle Overview:

  • Produces quality, comprehensive, familiar MSDN-like documentation.
  • Works with or without authored comments.
  • Supports Generics and .NET Framework 2.0
  • Sandcastle has 2 main components (MrefBuilder and Build Assembler)
  • MrefBuilder generates reflection xml file for Build Assembler
  • Build Assembler includes syntax generation, transformation..etc
  • Sandcastle is used internally to build .Net Framework documentation