Currently we generate HTMs as the output from Sandcastle. Several users have asked me about generating xml using Sandcastle.The following steps provide information on how to generate xml using Sandcastle:

  1. Create an xml sub-directory under your Output folder.

  2. Add a save component step as shown below before the sandcastle.config file before the "transform step". Please see the attached Sandcastle.config file.


    <!-- save the xml result -->

    <component type="Microsoft.Ddue.Tools.SaveComponent" assembly="{path}/BuildComponents.dll"> <save path="concat('Output\html\',/document/reference/file/@name,'.xml')" indent="false" omit-xml-declaration="true" /></component>

  3. Run your build and Sandcastle will generate xml and htm files under your output directory.

The xml generated by Sandcastle has a simple schema. It’s defined in the following structure:


<reference />

<syntax />

<comments />


The <reference> element contain all the reflection data.  The <syntax> element is contains the syntax information and <comments> contain the /// comments.


I will be happy to hear your comments.