I am excited to announce the availability of  Sandcastle Version 2.4.10115. The latest version is now available for download at http://www.codeplex.com/Sandcastle. My sincere thanks to the Sandcastle user community for providing us with valuable feedback.

What's new in this version:

1.      Web Output: Similar to docs published at http://www.asp.net/ajax/documentation/live/. I will post a separate blog about generating weboutput using Sandcastle.

2.      Example GUI: A sample GUI under \Example\generic folder

3.      Additional transform and syntax generator for documenting Script# (http://projects.nikhilk.net/Projects/ScriptSharp.aspx). I will post a seperate blog about this project. 

4.      Bug Fixes

Getting Started:

1.   Using the command line option for the batch file under Examples/Sandcastle folder to build VS2005 or  hana or prototype style CHM or HxS file

1.    Build_sandcatle.bat vs2005 test

2.    Build_sandcatle.bat prototype test

3.    Build_sandcatle.bat hana test


If you need to generate hxs, please uncomment the following line in build_sandcastle.bat. Make sure "Microsoft Help 2.0 SDK" is installed on your machine.

::hxcomp.exe -p output\test.hxc

2.   Using msbuild to generate build for VS2005 or  hana or prototype, CHM or HxS file

1.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=vs2005

2.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=hana

3.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=prototype


To build hxs, add /target:Hxs, eg: Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=vs2005 /target:Hxs


3.   Using GUI to generate build for VS2005 or  hana or prototype, CHM or HxS file

A sample GUI is provided under \Example\generic folder. I will provide a separate blog about generating a build using the sample GUI.

Issues fixed in this version (Reported by Customers):

1.    Sandcastle: Support Sandcastle in 64-bit machine

2.    Sandcastle: Private field and method displayed in TOC but not in the detail content

3.    Sandcastle: Remove Hardcoded space in file "script_feedBack.js".

4.    Sandcastle: ChmBuilder only processes *.htm files. It should process *.html.

5.    Sandcastle: Distinguish exe and dll's

6.    Sandcastle: MSHelp Technology attribute is not present

7.    Sandcastle: language filter does not align with navigator (prototype style)

8.    Sandcastle: In Hana and Prototype styles, the span.selfLink class is missing and this causes links with that style to appear as blanks in the help file

9.    Sandcastle: The Hana style fails to display the class name in the remarks for the Properties and Methods pages

10.  Sandcastle: Support for VersionBuilder in Prototype and Hana styles

11.  Sandcastle: Document Script#

12.  Sandcastle: ApplyVSDocModel.xsl hangs when processing Microsoft.Exchange.Server.Storage.PropTags.org

13.  Sandcastle: Example section need to  improve.

14.  Sandcastle: The "Members" section of Enum in Firefox is different from in IE

15.  SandCastle: Chinese build has garbage chars (prototype and vsorcas style)

16.  Sandcastle: "Namspaces" link takes us to an empty page (prototype style)

17.  Sandcastle: "Copy Code" works incorrectly in FireFox

18.  Sandcastle: section collapse does not works as expected all the time in Firefox.

19.  Sandcastle: BuildAssembler.exe raised an error

20.  Sandcastle: The Version of CommandLine.dll is not matched for DBCSFix.exe

21.  Sandcastle: A warning about "nsrtitle" (Vs2005 style)

22.  Sandcastle: Change 2005 to 2008 in copyright info (prototype style)

23.  Sandcastle: MRefBuilder namespace ripping feature bug

24.  Sandcastle: Bug in ripping nested classes

25.  Sandcastle: Bug when doing a build that includes privates (/internal+) results in the non-nested class being ripped and the nested class being left

26.  SandCastle: The icon of protected delegate is shown as public in .chm file