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  • Blog Post: Genereating Website for API documentation using Sandcastle

    In this blog on generating builds using Powershell , I provided details on generating a single command wrapper to build CHM and HxS files regardless of where the source assemblies and comments are located. This powershell script provided the following features: Allows the build options to be read...
  • Blog Post: Building CHM using CHMBuilder

    Please see my blog about Sandcastle September 2007 release . With this release, we plan on shipping a new tool called CHMBuilder for CHM generation using Sandcastle. What is CHMBuilder? CHMBuilder is an executable that will be shipped under the Production Tools folder of Sandcastle. The HXS generation...
  • Blog Post: Documenting APIs with Sandcastle using Windows Powershell

    Please see my blog about Sandcastle Spetember 2007 release. With this release, we plan on shipping an example Windows powershell script to document APIs using Sandcastle. Why Windows Powershell I saw what Scot Hanselman did for Sandcastle with Powershell and got the inspiration for creating...
  • Blog Post: Integrating Sandcastle doc generation to your NAnt builds

    NAnt is an open source software tool for automating software build processes. It is based on Apache Ant and targeted at the .NET environment whereas Ant is a more generic cross-platform tool principally used by Java programmers . Brett Burch from recently emailed...
  • Blog Post: Joe in Iowa – A Sandcastle Scenario

    This post provides steps to create CHM using Sandcastle. Some of the users have automated these steps. Mikael Söderström has a "Sandcastle Helper" here , Ashley van Gerven has a batch script available here and Scott Hanselman's has power shell script available here . Frank Kroondijk has created a Sandcastle...
  • Blog Post: A few faqs about Sandcastle

    I’m super excited about the response to the Sandcastle CTP launch. Much of the response has been positive, and folks have asked some great questions. Let me try to address a few of the common questions people have about the site: Where can post Sandcastle related questions? Please post all Sandcastle...
  • Blog Post: Creating a Chm build using Sandcastle

    Here are the steps to create a Chm build using Sandcastle. Please see the atatchment for the steps in text format. Prerequisites: 1. .Net Framework 2.0 2. For Chm generation download HTML Help Workshop -
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