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  • Blog Post: The Death of the Smart Client is Greatly Exaggerated

    I was watching a great presentation recently from a Berkeley professor who came to speak to a bunch of senior people in my division. He threw out a lot of interesting sayings, but my favorite one may have been "the most dangerous three words in the investment community is 'This time, it's different!...
  • Blog Post: Peanut Butter Jelly Time? (Part II)

    Following up on the Yahoo memo, I found it interesting to read the section regarding the effort level at Yahoo. I believe the larger your company grows, the harder it is to get everybody driving hard--especially at the levels of a startup. For as much as people love to lobby for the "startup mentality...
  • Blog Post: Peanut Butter Jelly Time? (Part I)

    The shakeup at Yahoo is a fascinating reflection of the life and times of a tech company. Now many consider Yahoo a competitor to Microsoft and I have no interest in disparaging their company, but this is an interesting business case study and there is a lot of learn here from a strictly academic perspective...
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