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"My life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can." - George Bernard Shaw

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  • Blog Post: An Ode To GotDotNet

    About two years ago, I stepped into this role with a primary responsibility being to help get GotDotNet back on its feet. As the first Microsoft community for .NET, GDN held a dear place in the hearts of many. However, it had clearly fallen on hard times and there was a strong proposal to end the site...
  • Blog Post: Gravediggers

    I was taking a look at the latest news around CodePlex recently and I started noticing a fascinating trend. Many people have described us as "Microsoft's SourceForge Killer", suggesting we built this site to eliminate SourceForge. In fact, that's a trend with everything Microsoft does. Think about it...
  • Blog Post: CodePlex: The XBox for Community Developers

    I once blogged about "Glory and Danger" and the idea of taking on GotDotNet. One of the things I hinted at was, while we would do a revamp of the site, we did want to consider something from scratch that would be a step above. Then, I patiently stayed quiet about what we were doing. Well, the cat is...
  • Blog Post: What has Jim Newkirk been up to?

    I remember reading someone posting a comment to a blog saying that Microsoft hired people like Jim Newkirk only to keep them from doing stuff for the community. Not so. If you want to know what Jim has been doing, check out his blog entry today:
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