Day1 from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Incubation Week...


What a day! Long, energetic and productive. It was impressive to see the entrepreneur energy among all the team members. Some of the folks were up late mid-night, learning Dynamics CRM Platform and developing their solution. It reminds me of my very early career years of working in a startup. Here are the key highlights of the 1st day.


·         Warren Wilbee, Director of ISV Evangelism, kicked-off the week.

·         Joan Barrow, Director MTC Reston, shared MTC vision and offerings.

·         Following six advisors delivered a five-hours training covering various extensibility aspects of Dynamics CRM Platform.

o   Sanjay Jain, ISV Architect Evangelist

o   Girish Raja, ISV Architect Evangelist

o   John O'Donnell, ISV Architect Evangelist

o   Nikhil Hasija, Sr. Product Manager, Dynamics CRM Team

o   Jim Steger, Principal, Sonoma Partners

o   Dan Blake, Principal, CourseMax



CRMIWD1 SanjayJain


CRMIWD1 GirishRaja


 CRMIWD1 NikhilHasija

 CRMIWD1 JimSteger

 CRMIWD1 DanBlake



Sanjay Jain

ISV Architect Evangelist

Microsoft Corporation