Day4 from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Incubation Week...


Each team is amazing and working very hard to maximize their opportunity by leveraging all the resources available to them. Let’s see who the finalist teams are:

·         Channel Blade Technologies

·         DubMeNow

·         Highland Martin,  LLC

·         Prime Time Software Solutions LLC

·         support4U Inc.


Today we had a professional video crew to film several moments in group as well as with each team. I recorded video interviews myself with three teams.


Dave Drach, Managing Director, Emerging Business Team, conducted dry-run with each team to help in preparing their final presentation.


As part of entrepreneur coaching, during lunch, we had our 3rd guest speaker, Dan Blake from CourseMax. Dan shared his own journey of building his own business using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform. He reflected several challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs from his personal experience.


Tonight we had a nice dinner (very 1st meal outside the MTC building) at American Tap House.


By the time I left office, each team was polishing their presentation and solution demo.


Can't wait to share the final day news…

DCAM0027  DCAM0036


   DSCF0131 DSCF0136


Sanjay Jain

ISV Architect Evangelist

Microsoft Corporation