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  • Blog Post: C++/Cx: Getting around the very limited DateTime object

    You know, I have been writing a LOT of C++/Cx recently and I have hit a bunch of issues. This particular one is about the DateTime object in C++/Cx. If you look at the C# version of the DateTime object,... more
  • Blog Post: WinRT in C++/Cx and registering and unregistering event handlers

    Having to work in C++/Cx, every day I have new appreciation for C#. Things that I take for granted in C#, well, they are not straightforward C++. Take the example of event handlers. In C#, the usual way of registering... more
  • Blog Post: Getting access to the UI dispatcher from a background thread (Win8/8.1)

    I recently struggled quite a bit trying to get access to the UI dispatcher from a background thread. I had a scenario where when I receive a push notification, I had to update the XAML page UI. Obviously, I did... more
  • Blog Post: C# synchronization blocks containing await or how to lock a block with an await

    Recently working on a project, I came across a scenario where I needed to lock a block so that only one thread could enter the block at a time. Simple Monitors, I thought. However as soon as I put the... more
  • Blog Post: C#/XAML App suspend: Bug/Feature – OnNavigatedFrom called during app Suspend

    Got hit by this bug in suspension manager (C# and XAML) and wanted to share it with you in case you ever hit this scenario. Recently, I have been coding an app with Azure backing and I got hit by... more
  • Blog Post: Lesson 11: Scope in JavaScript

    In this lesson, I focus on the nitty gritty of Scope and Lifetime of variables in JavaScript Language. JavaScript has similar scoping model as most other C like languages with a minor difference in that it does not have block... more
  • Blog Post: Lesson 10: Prototypes in JavaScript

    Sorry for the long delay between the last lesson and this one. Lots of travel and work got in the way of this post. Without further ado, here is the lesson on Prototypes. Prototype is much misused keyword in JavaScript.... more
  • Blog Post: Lesson 9: Constructor Functions

    Constructor functions in JavaScript are special functions that allow you to create a factory function that can create many objects of the same type through code reuse. For Object Oriented programmers, constructor functions are a familiar concepts. The more
  • Blog Post: Lesson 8: JavaScript Functions

    JavaScript functions are what gives Javascript its power. With JavaScript functions, you can break down your code into small modules which, helps with readability, debuggability and reusability of code. JavaScript functions double up as objects as well more
  • Blog Post: Lesson 7: Assignment 1 – Etch-a-Sketch and CScript

    Hello and Happy New Year! I am back in the new year with the first blog entry that will exercise your mind and give you some hands on experience as you progress through it. Reading input using node.js is not... more
  • Blog Post: Lesson 6: Arrays in JavaScript

    Arrays are one of the built in DataTypes in JavaScript. They are on par, if not more useful than Objects. Arrays in JavaScript perform the function of Arrays and Lists/Vectors in other languages. Arrays allow you to traverse their contents... more
  • Blog Post: Lesson 5: Basics of Source Control with Git

    In this lesson, I go over the basics of Source Control. Source Control is the way professional Software Developers maintain their code. Even though it is probably one of the most useful tools to learn when you start software development,... more
  • Blog Post: Lesson 4: JavaScript Objects

    Lesson 4 is about JavaScript Objects. JavaScript is an Object Oriented Language and objects in JavaScript are one of the foremost core concepts. Objects allow you to group data together and provide you with the flexibility and power of creating... more
  • Blog Post: Lesson 3: Control Flow Statements – Loops and Conditionals

    This lesson is about Control flow statements – control flow statements are Loops and Conditional Statements. They are the basic building blocks for writing any complicated logic in a program. Here is the Code file associated with the lesson. To more
  • Blog Post: Lesson 2: Javascript – Syntax and basics

    Here is the second lesson, syntax and basics. We go over how to run JavaScript code using Node and learn about data types. more
  • Blog Post: A course on Win8 app development with HTML5 and Javascript

    After a long time thinking, preparing and finally getting to recording, I am pleased to announce that I am starting a course on Windows 8 app development with HTML5 and JavaScript. Today, I am posting the Introduction to the course... more
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