Setup Outlook Live account in Android Phone

Setup Outlook Live account in Android Phone

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Here are the setup instructions which worked for me on HTC EVO. First try the auto configuration, if that does not work, use the following values to manually configure the account.

  • Email address: Your Outlook Live email address in the form []
  • Server address:
  • User name: Same as Email Address in the form []
  • Password: Your Outlook Live password
  • Check the box "This server requires an encrypted SSL connection"
  • Domain: Leave it blank.
  • Great - worked for me!  I had to leave the domain option blank though.  

  • Thanks - I have the HTC EVO and it worked also!

  • Worked great...  thanks

  • Just tried this on my HTC Wildfire using my University email address. Worked perfect. Thanks.

  • Only way I gotmy Evo 4g to work with my university's email system! Thanks!

  • Thanks - been trying this for weeks with no sucess - left the domain box blank and worked straight away!!

  • I am unable to get my work email on my Droid.  I am leaving the domain blank, email address is correct.  Server address -  --  i work at Coca-cola and have had the password reset so i should be able to do this.  Not sure what i am doing incorrectly.

  • I am using Target Corporation's outlook and I am unable to setup Outlook in my HTC wildfire. I had given the same settings that Sanjeev has mentioned, but yet no luck though.

  • Hi Kelly and Ash, can you try the Steve Goodman's post in the following thread about the iPhone instructions? Thanks

  • Download OutlookReflex to android and start accessing your outlook in android mobiles

  • Wow! You Rock Sanjeev  this worked perfectly...

  • Hi, im using a HTC Desire HD and cannot work out how to sync my outlook uni account to my phone!!! i've tried nearly every way possible that people have suggested but it just doesnt seem to work.... i keep getting the error " authentication failed. please verify username and/or password" and i know them to be correct so i dont know what the problem is!

    please help!

  • I keep getting that too! It says my username and/or password is incorrect. WTF.

  • I get the same as Prash and Lauren, also with a unimail account :(

  • Nat,

    If your OWA url is like, try using the server address as instead of

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