Santiago Cánepa's Blog bueyes perdidos. (...about lost oxen.)

About Santiago I. Cánepa

About the Microsoft Blog

About Santiago I. Cánepa

I work as a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft Services.

As such, part of my job is help customers implement Microsoft technologies particularly around development. I help them with anything .Net, IIS, PowerShell, and Windows 7 Application Compatibility.

The idea of this blog is to post explanations on subjects that I come across when working with my customers or teaching courses.

In Argentina (where I'm from), or other parts of the Spanish speaking world, when you talk about "lost oxen" (or "bueyes perdidos"), you are talking about several unrelated topics... thus the name of the blog. Since I don't support one single technology, my idea is to post articles on an array of topics, as they come up.

Hope you enjoy it!