Two compare-and-contrast scenarios consumed some idle cycles in my brain over the weekend.

One was a recurring “What if?“ I tend to ponder over.  What if someone with a product cycle or two from the automotive industry under his/her belt moved to software development?  What new ideas would they bring?  (Obviously I see a good number of parallels between the automotive and software industries.)

The latest bout of this train of thought was provoked when I took our Subaru Legacy wagon in for an oil change, and admired the new 2005 model.  Little did I know that they were offering me $25 to take a test drive - only later that day did I happen to find the coupon in the latest installment of Subaru's little monthly mailing to owners called Drive - they devoted the entire issue to a summary of the 5-year process that brings a new model to market.  Of course it was all PR and marketing, but it did get me thinking again about the parallels, especially since the product I work on is coming to the tail end of a similar process as it readies itself for the release of its 2005 model.

[Place holder for my thoughts - if I ever get the time.]

The other train of thought was prompted by recent discussions with Daigo and some basic reading on compilers that I am currently doing.  Daigo is very particular that code read well - and he is very clear when he reads code if is well-written or not.  This is an aesthetic I would dearly love to have (your suggestions on how to develop this are most welcome).  I do have it for English - both fiction and non-fiction (at least I know, like Daigo, what I like and don't like).  Now English is a dynamic language, with a vocabulary, a grammar, and an idiom (relevant to your locale) - If one were to cultivate a style that was free of ambiguity, easily revised, edited, and translated, what would that be?

[Yet another place holder .....]