February, 2005

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    Yesterday, I was so pleasantly surprised by a product, that I actually went and got all my colleagues, and showed this to them. I was installing Virtual PC for the first time, and when it came time to configure my first virtual machine, a dialog asked...
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    Wanna have fun?

    If you know what having fun means for you, tell us at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/jobs (Tell them the guy on the park bench sent you. And if you are tempted to send Gretchen flowers, ... I'd wait another week or so, and do avoid daffodils, especially...
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    It’s not sexy. But it sure is fun.

    Don’t tell anyone, but it is spring here in Seattle . The daffodils in the patch of dirt outside my front door have started peeping out. A blossom tree on my way to work is in full bloom. And I saw an e-mail thread yesterday trying to get a crowd together...
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    The defense would like to enter a plea of guilty to the charge of “1 st degree hypocrisy.” Since my last posting, I have put on weight, eaten more chocolate than I care to confess, and had not an iota of exercise (what is the official unit of exercise...
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