The defense would like to enter a plea of guilty to the charge of “1st degree hypocrisy.” 


Since my last posting, I have put on weight, eaten more chocolate than I care to confess, and had not an iota of exercise (what is the official unit of exercise? You can try here, but I did not have much luck.)  Meanwhile the official recommendation for exercise has gone up again, to 60 minutes a day.  To which my office-mate who runs daily, come pain or rain, remarked “Well, now the average American gets 60 minutes less exercise than they ought to.” 


Today’s scary news:  Would $12000 of after-insurance medical expenses be enough to send you into chapter 7 or 13?  (Why call it insurance, if it is does not provide catastrophic coverage?)


(Btw, Search - don't you like it how old words take on new meanings - has a long, long way to go.  Five sentences into this piece, and I have already spent at least 30 minutes in search-engine land with nothing to show for it.  I have one question (unit of exercise) still unanswered, and two (Federal exercise recommendations and the Harvard Consumer Bankruptcy Project) for which I cannot track down the original sources.  As for a link to a recent article about Google versus MSN, I guess maybe there just aren’t any. J)


I was going to write about Testing at Microsoft, but now that’s going to have to wait for another day (Thanks MSN, thanks Google).