Oracle to SQL SAP OS/DB Migration FAQ: Update January 2012 : v4.0

Oracle to SQL SAP OS/DB Migration FAQ: Update January 2012 : v4.0

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OS/DB Migration from UNIX/Oracle or DB2 to Commodity Intel servers running Windows & SQL Server 

Attached to this blog is a PDF file with many useful hints and procedures for customers moving SAP systems to Win/SQL

Increased Number of Migrations to Windows SQL Server

The PDF file attached to this blog is an accumulation of knowledge and experience from hundreds of successful Oracle and DB2 migrations to SQL Server.  Please always review this document before migrating to SQL Server.   If you have any questions you are welcome to post them on this blog

Technical Capabilities of Intel Commodity Platforms vs. Proprietary UNIX Platforms

There is a good deal of information publically available about the technical capabilities of Intel platforms.  The Gartner report Impact of the New Generation of x86 on the Server Market is one useful source of information.  The general trend identified in this report is also highlighted in this market share data.

Key Updates in Oracle to SQL Migration FAQ v4.0

  1. Important updates about network configuration.  R3LOAD export/import servers should be configured to use Jumbo Frames, RSS and all medium and large SAP systems should use 10 Gigabit network
  2. Update regarding SAP support for SQL Server with 15,000 table partitions
  4. Problems moving .NET connector interfaces from direct application server connections to logon load balancing
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for this interesting thread on migrations.

    Please can you share a link to as I can not download it from the PDF file?

    I have tried to look for it in SAP Markeplace with no success.

    Kind regards, Leandro

  • Hi Cameron,

    Me too i also cannot download the same file.

    I have a question how should we decide on the number of splits for a table suppose the r3load processes are 8.


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