StartupBashBD is celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week. I was invited on the day 2 of the event which was about Startup toolbox. Despite the wave of business tool talks in a day which was supposed to be more about tools that aid technology division of a startup, I discussed how to bootstrap a startup, tools that your engineering team needs, be it delivers software or apps, the characteristics of the modern apps, modern development cycles and recipe of a lean startup process. Unfortunately, nobody cared about startup engineering in other sessions. It was all about how they use Social Media & SEO, which was quite frustrating for a few people from tech community they invited in such an important day for techies. I am unsure, but if there were more techie people in the organizing committee, I am confident the situation could have been different and techies wouldn’t have been left alone.

However, they succeeded to create a very energetic environment which I am sure will excite many of the attended business community folks to start new startups. I was personally disappointed when they used a crippled presentation software on an Apple machine which totally distorted my whole deck. All in all, it was a great event and I am sure this is something which took place for the first time in this country. It has full potential to inspire minds and hearts of Bangladeshi youth. Here is the presentation of my 10-min talk. I wish them all the best!