Hi – I’m Sara and I’m the newbie on the UK DPE team at Microsoft, and finally plucked up courage to write my first blog!

My job title on the team is ‘Producer’, but like many job titles, that doesn’t really explain what I’ll be doing. Some of it will evolve as I settle into the role, but mainly I’ll be unearthing interesting, fun stuff that’s happening across the web and finding out about the people in the web community, both at Microsoft and beyond. I’m just over a week in and slowly starting to work out what everyone does, so one of the first things I’ll be doing is interview the Technical Evangelists on the team and share what I find out with you.

A bit about me: I’ve lived down south for a few years now but I’m a Yorkshire lass at heart – I’m a sucker for a pie and a pint! As a self-confessed web geek I love anything to do with t’internet but really any cool techie stuff will get my attention. Before I joined the Evangelist team I managed Microsoft websites across EMEA, firstly for small and medium sized businesses and then for Xbox Support (BTW any role playing game is dangerous for me, I get a bit obsessed and end up playing til the early hours…). I watch tons of movies in my spare time, from classics to Japanese to horrors (started with Hammer Horrors when I was a kid), keep fit by running and walking my dog and am a sucker for a live gig (especially rock bands).

So… here’s a picture of me so if we bump into each other at an event at least you’ll know who I am – I’m really keen to hear about what you’re up to so please get in touch!