imageThe good new is the results of the 2009 Barbie Global Career Survey are in, and ‘Computer Engineer Barbie’ won the popular vote, helped along by The Register, no less. 

According to the Barbie Media website, Barbie “first broke the ‘plastic ceiling’ in the 1960s when, as an astronaut, she went to space four years before man walked on the moon.” So it looks like we’re all set for a world full of female computer engineers in 15 to 20 years time then, right?

Not content with exploring outer space, Barbie’s run the gamut of careers including CEO of her own company, police officer and pilot, and has even run for president – and won.

All of which have not made a huge impact on the number of ‘real’ women who are actually in these roles (sorry your Barbieness). There are still not many women pilots or astronauts and no sign of a female president just yet. Even accounting for the fact these things take time to filter through from intention to action, it was 40 years ago when Barbie first went to space.

I still think the fact Computer Engineer Barbie is a good thing, although whether having Barbie as a role model is a good thing might be up for debate. Will Barbie have an impact on the number of girls who want to be computer engineers when they grow up? I hope so.