A friend of mine who teaches at a primary school in Leeds is frustrated with the amount of time she gets with her pupils at registration.

“I’d love to have more time to be able to connect with my children more, even simple things like asking the children what they did over the weekend, or the evening before,” she told me. “But time is really tight, I only get 5 minutes to take the register each morning.”

She’s hoping she’ll get the new SIMS interface developed by Capita, who already have over 85% of their software in schools and colleges around the UK. Capita has worked with Tricky Business to scope out and design a new gestural user interface they term ‘the 21st Century Classroom’.

Using the Windows Touch interface and built using Silverlight, this conceptual software offers a WYSIWYG user experience that allows teachers to drag and drop elements onto a dashboard, so they can quickly and easily view and manage the information they need, like attendance and performance. 

Tricky Business worked with Dot Net Solutions and architects from Microsoft’s Technology Centre to design the user interface.