Last night, MSNBC reported on a Tennessee protest about a disabled man who was forced to crawl up the courthouse stairs for his court appearence, because the courthouse did not have a ramp or elevator.  When the man refused to crawl up the stairs for his second court appearance, the judge had him arrested for failure to appear in court. 

Tennessee, you make me proud to come from a state rumored to have removed the study of fractions from high schools, because they are too confusing for students. 

But wait! The story continues...

One protester, a woman who had both legs amputated, crawled up stairs of a high court until police threatened to have her arrested.  Let's think about this for a second.  Are they going to have to arrest her again when she fails to appear in court because she's protesting that there isn't any accessible access to the courthouse? 

BTW, didn't we just land a vehicle on Mars? 

Tennessee should check their retirement age again, or they could soon be looking for that ramp or elevator in upcoming years.


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