Friday was the last full day of the CSUN conference. Although my first meeting wasn’t until 10am, implying that I could sleep for the longest consecutive period of time since I arrived in LA, the cold I had been fighting for weeks got the best of me that night. With the help of Dayquil (which hadn’t quit working like its counterpart), I pressed on.

I had a couple of meetings with Assistive Technology vendors to discuss screen reader testing methodologies. That afternoon, I attended the IBM Eclipse presentation. Unfortunately, the presenter wasn’t able to demo using Eclipse with a screen reader due to installation issues. The presenter spoke at an extremely high-level regarding Accessibility in Eclipse, which I’ll cover in more detail in my official CSUN trip report tomorrow.

After the Eclipse presentation, I headed off to the airport for my 7:35pm flight away from the gross smog-filled clouds to the dreary rain-filled clouds. I’ve really started to despise flying in recent years. It seems people have become more irritable, me included. 2 years ago, I was in mid-flight to Atlanta when a guy ran through security to grab his camera bag. I’ll never forget when the captain announced that there’s been an unusual delay in ATL. The unusual delay was that they evacuated ATL in order to re-search everyone. The process took 4 hours, 2 of which I spent on the plane on the ground, far away from the airport. Until they could reopen ATL and our gate, we were stuck on the ground. At least they opened the bar, free of charge, and showed everyone the movie again, but free of charge this time.

The only thing on this flight to Seattle that really truly annoyed me was the guy who answered his cell phone while we were landing. Personally, I like knowing that the pilot can communicate with the tower free of any interference. It is beyond my comprehension why other people don’t seem to care about this. I think that the stewards and stewardesses should say, “do not use cell phones when we tell you, otherwise the pilot won’t be able to talk to the tower” to scare people into obeying the rules. It really bothers me how people think that the rules don’t apply to them. Perhaps they really think they are in the Matrix. Lord knows they need an excuse.

Today, I was lucky to catch at noon doctor appointment to get some drugs. I hate going to the doctor unless I have to. This gives you an idea of how sick I felt yesterday and the past week overall. As I said this week, “I’m going to sleep all day Saturday,” and I did just that.

Thanks for reading about the past week at CSUN. As promised, more information about the QFE which I demoed on Wednesday and my full trip report are coming soon.