Christopher Keroack, the Test Manager for the Windows Accessibility team, asked me if I could post the following:

What do you think about desktop customization?  This can either be out of necessity (e.g. making fonts bigger, making UI easier to click with the mouse) or to personalize it (e.g. changing the desktop background). I’m especially interested to hear from people who aren’t necessarily font / scheme geeks, who only want to tweak something occasionally. What bugs you most? What do you do most often? What just doesn’t make sense? And what do you think of the accessibility settings in Windows today?

Update 4/25/2005 Wow, this post is a year old.  crazy how time files.  Anyways, thanks to all those who answered.  Now that Communtiy Server (our new blogging software as of 3/25/2005) allows us to control how long people can comment on a post, i was going to keep this one closed, but the blogging software doesn't allow you to see the previous comments.  So, i'm going to keep the comments enabled, but I really don't think Chris is actively seeking this data any longer.  =)