If Gretchen can have her Will Weaton, I can have my MacGyver.

As a young and impressionable kid (I was still in the single digits), I watched this guy escape a swinging pendulum trap by using his shoe.  It wasn’t until many, many years later I learned that I had seen a few minutes of a MacGyver episode.

Yeah, I got teased for my love of MacGyver episodes.  I was addicted to watching how he would always get himself out of those situations.  I would often wonder how the writers scripted the episodes.  (Did they first come up with some approved-for-tv-ratings situation to put MacGyver in, then, at some weekly think-tank, decide how to use common household objects to get out of the problem?  And after that, they just worked those desperately-random objects into the scene?)  Did anyone else notice that MacGyver always solved 3 problems in any episode?  But what I really want to know is did Richard Dean Anderson ever increase his IQ from playing MacGyver?  (Seriously, I’d love to know the answer to that one.)

Truly, MacGyver was our first “out-of-the-box” problem solver TV hero.  Yes, I said it – “out-of-the-box”, the most overused term in modern day history.  You know it’s overused when fast food restaurants start referring to it.  But, it was this cliché that got me addicted to begin with.  I honestly felt smarter after watching any episode of MacGyver.  Yes, as I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in Mississippi, so I was often bored.  The Lego Company just couldn’t produce enough lego sets to keep me occupied. 

Eventually, the MacGyvers reruns I hadn’t seen ran out, but not without good timing.  I started high school about that time, so I had plenty of after school activities (soccer, cross country, karate) to keep me occupied.  I get bored easily. 

Ten years later…

Flipping through the channels one night, I thought I saw someone who looked like MacGyver’s older brother doing something military-like.  So, I watched a few minutes, but was appalled to see that Richard Dean Anderson was playing some doofus. (and not to mention my shock of “wow, if he’s gotten older, I’ve gotten older”) 

I guess I just didn’t watch that particular Stargate SG-1 episode long enough to appreciate the “Jack O’Neill” character..  And, you die-hard MacGyver fans out there have to admit that it was shocking, almost painful, to watch MacGyver shoot a gun.  Although I haven’t seen the first episode of SG-1, I’ve heard about the MacGyver reference.

But now I find myself watching 4 hours of taped Stargate SG-1 episodes very late into Friday night / Saturday morning.  Lord knows I need Tivo.

I’ve never written a fan letter before.  Not sure how to even start one.  But, I’ve waited a long enough time to write this particular one.  This guy in my 8th grade class one day brought in his autographed picture of Richard Dean Anderson.  I was so jealous (along with a few other educated students).  He said he just wrote a letter to the fan club and he got the autographed picture.  So now I’m taking up that quest that I had wanted to start on a long time ago, seeking out an autographed picture of Richard Dean Anderson. 

Doing a google search on MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson’s personal website (although written in 3rd person) appeared at the top of the list.  However, the website is lacking alt text in some critical areas, hence not quite reaching the accessibility bar.  The images used as buttons/links like “What’s New” need Alt Text.  I knew I could justify this post.  =) <grins>

Um, Mr. Richard Dean Anderson Sir, if you’re out there ego-surfing and you come across this entry, I’d really like an autograph photo, just like you sent to my classmate in the 8th grade.  It will complete one of my life’s dreams, like referring a high school soccer game, living on the east side of the city so I don’t have to drive directly into the sun to go home after work….