As my husband and I walk out of the Crossroads Barnes and Nobles, this guy standing in the front of the store says, “I’m hungry.  Can you give me some money?”  We both reply, “No, we’re sorry.”  And I add, “I don’t have any cash on me.”  Neither of us honestly had any cash. 

We reach the truck, and my husband asks, “Maybe we should give him the food?”  We had a to-go box from eating out tonight.  I respond, “yeah, I was just thinking that.  You should.”  Kyle gets the to-go box out of the truck.  I ask him for his cell phone, just in case.  I was going to stay in the truck and watch.  Yes, I know karate.  Yes, my husband knows judo.  But, when you’re dealing with someone who’s about 6’1 and 300 lbs, you don’t take chances.

I see Kyle offer him the box.  I see the guy pulling up his pants shaking his head.  They have a small dialog, and Kyle heads back for the truck with the food.  Impatiently I ask, “what happened?”  He says, “well, when I offered the dinner to him, he said, ’10 bucks would do it.’”

Considering he never asked Kyle what type of food was in the to-go box, i guess he wasn't all that hungry.