Friday last week marked my 3 year anniversary at Microsoft. I’ve been telling people that I’m starting my senior year on the Visual Studio team, to which people reply, “what happens when you graduate?” I tell them “grad school, I guess.”

My feature area ownerships over the past 3 years:

  • Environment SDK Samples
  • Driving Accessibility
  • Visual Studio Integration Program
  • PIAs (only for a few months)
  • Text Editor Object Model (only for a few months)
  • Profiles – aka VS Settings found in the Tools – Import / Export Settings dialog (my first feature from M0 – meaning that I owned it before it was coded)
  • Window Management, including tool window docking, IDE Navigator, etc.
  • Command Window, Immediate Window
  • Driving the UI Consistency Testing effort
  • And now the Editor

Features left on the VS Core Product Unit I haven’t owned yet

  • Anything with Project / Build / Solution
  • Anything with MS Build
  • Anything with Source Code Control

I guess I’m more than half-way there to have owned all of VS Core at one point in time