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October, 2004

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    Developing a Test Specification

    Definitions I’ve seen the terms “Test Plan” and “Test Specification” mean slightly different things over the years. In a formal sense (at this given point in time for me), we can define the terms as follows: Test Specification – a detailed summary of...
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    More Tips on Writing Good Bug Reports

    Marie has done an awesome job writing up the most complete “how to file a good bug report” I’ve ever seen on paper: Two things I really want to emphasize: Good bug titles – we have lots...
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    Code Snippets 101

    I’ve been testing the new Code Snippets feature heavily the past couple of days. Meghan (Editor Dev Lead) and Sean (Editor PM) have good information about Code Snippets on the VS Editor blog: Code Snippets – a way to be more efficient in writing code...
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    A Few Editor Tips and Tricks I Learned from the Full Test Pass

    I’m getting close to finishing all of our manual test cases for our Full Test Pass, which has helped me tremendously to learn about my new feature area. Here is my list of tips and tricks that I’ve collected over the past couple of weeks: Tip #1 – Code...
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