Halo 2 kicks butt.

Yep, I was one of those waiting in line an hour before the company store opened to ensure I would be playing Halo 2 when I got home from work.  Alas, I was only able to play an hour last night. ::sobs::

Things I like about Halo 2 in comparison to Halo:

  1. Dual weapons
  2. New and improved Marines
  3. Turbo on the ghost
  4. The Battle Rifle
  5. Beating someone out of their warhog or ghost
  6. Closed-captioning

I haven’t had a chance to play yet on Xbox live, because I haven’t setup my subscription (never really wanted one until now). I’ll get it setup this weekend and post my gamertag somewhere around here.

All i know is that I got some serious Halo 2 playing to do this weekend.