By popular demand, I asked Josh about doing a live video segment of Maddog to bring to live the Maddog concepts ScottGu had posted about one Friday morning. That afternoon, Josh shot these videos of what was supposed to be me teaching Marie the basics of software testing in DevDiv, but I looked at the camera a little too much instead of at her (my rational was that I was responding to Sheeshers request to hear more about testing activities). And, I promise I talk much slower in person, when I’m not nervous – It’s a N’awlins thing. =)

The first three videos are

Introduction to DevDiv’s Test Case Management System (Part 1)

Investigating a test case failure in the lab (Maddog Part 2)

Analyzing a Test Case Failure (Maddog Part 3)

There’s a fourth video (in my opinion, it’s the best of the 4 videos) along the lines of The Proper Steps to Logging a Bug, including finding the exact repro (minimizing the repro steps), including a good title, and searching for duplicates. I’ll let you know when Josh posts it.

update:  The video has been updated at, but it just doesn’t have a blog entry at Channel 9 yet.