Happy Mardi Gras to everyone back home enjoying their 4-day weekend and to those of us far away from the parade routes. Back in the New Orleans – Mississippi Gulf Coast area, we get Lundi (Monday) and Mardi Gras holidays. My tradition since moving to Seattle is to wear my LSU t-shirt (I was a Miss State grad) and my “best” mardi gras beads on Mardi Gras. I love the looks people give me for wearing my beads – I think they think I don’t realize these are costume jewelry, b/c I’m wearing them at work.

Tonight, we’re hosting a small Hurricane party. Thanks Mom and Dad for the Hurricane glasses and mixes. Can’t wait to eat me some king cake tonight. Hmm, perhaps I’ll put a baby in each slice for the Mardi Gras newbies… =)

Note: a “king cake baby” is an inch-long plastic baby that is placed into a king cake from the bottom. The person who gets the baby in their slice of king cake has to buy the next king cake for the group. The first time I told someone up here in Seattle to be careful because the king cake has a baby in it, it was a traumatic experience for both of us =)