Since I got 15 minutes to spare waiting to leave for karate practice, I might as well blog about how things are going there.  I was supposed to test last Wednesday, but unfortunately the cough suppressant I was prescribed contained a drug I’m allergic too (technically it isn’t a drug allergy, but I list it as a drug allergy anyways on all my forms because the side effects are pretty severe – dizziness, exhaustion, etc.)  Yes, Kyle, you tried to warn me not to take the cough suppressant, but I wouldn’t listen to common sense (my coughing was driving me crazy).  I only had one really bad experience with the drug (bad enough to list it as a drug allergy), but I guess some lessons have to be learned the hard way, twice.

My makeup exam is Monday, April 25th, and this is for first kyu.  I can’t wait to get this one behind me in order to start focusing on my shodan exam.

I’ve also started helping teach the kids karate on Mondays, when I can pull myself away from work in time for the class.  I call my job “space management”.  The kids, about 8-10 years old, I guess, don’t really have a sense of how to space themselves apart from the kids they are next to before throwing a punch or kick.  My other job is to tell them to “switch legs” when they have the wrong leg forward in a kata.

Kids always seem to get along well with me in any of the sports I’ve done, like soccer, karate, sailing (except for that time I was winning the regatta and my mast snapped in half on the final leg to the finish line.)  I think it is because I’m really short, so to them, I’m not really an adult, but just in a higher grade.   Who knows?  One of the adults in my karate dojo asked me what grade I was in.  She got so embarrassed when I said, “Ask me again!  Ask me again!”  She said, “oh geez, you’re not in high school, are you?” and I replied, “Hello, my new best friend.”

The last time I helped with the little kids, our head sensei was there.  So he had both the regular instructor and me line up together.  This was the first time since I started karate when I was 12 that I got to line up alongside the instructor facing the class.  The instructor row is for black belts only, or just for the instructor, depending on the dojo.  I loved how the hard-wood floors of the dojo seemed to glow just a little brighter.